Iron Man 3 Trailer is Solid Gold!

The official trailer for Iron Man 3 was released today, and wow, it was totally worth the wait! The trailer is packed with action, action and still more action — as well as Tony Stark under siege, and lots of Pepper Potts.

Admittedly, I was not overly excited about the prospects for this movie earlier this year, but now I am amped beyond belief and cannot wait for it to open — and if that isn’t the mission of a movie trailer, I don’t know what is. Job well-done.

How about that; some really mind-blowing stuff there — Iron Man rescuing people falling from the sky, the beach house being destroyed, and lots of new and different armor on display. The Mandarin wearing his 10 rings…  What’s not to like?


It’s a little hard not to think of The Dark Knight Rises when we see a super being talking about being branded a “terrorist,” and he deliberately sets out to undermine the hero personally — but I have little fear that Iron Man 3 will be as bad as TDKR, because I’m sure they won’t make the same mistakes. Heck, Marvel is off to a 100 percent better start just by using a villain who can be understood by the audience!

This movie looks fantastic, and it opens May 3, 2013.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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