P.S.: A Letter From DOCTOR WHO’s Past

Just in case you didn’t cry every tear out of your body for the next six months while watching the fall finale of DOCTOR WHO, “The Angels Take Manhattan,” a couple of weeks back, the BBC has generously released a version of an unused scene from Chris Chibnall’s script that acts as a sort of coda to the story. And hits you in the gut, just like the rest of the tale of the Fall of the Ponds.

Entitled “P.S.,” the scene tells us what ultimately happened to Amy and Rory, and how they explain it to Brian — via a messengered letter. The clip is shown with production art, since it was never filmed. And the most special treat here is that Arthur Darvill actually recorded the voice-over for Rory’s letter in character, giving us one last chance to hear from Mr. Pond-turned-Mr.-Williams-again. Darvill’s contribution lends authenticity to the scene, as well as a ton of emotional heft, so the whole thing might even bring a tear to your eye — or so I’ve heard has happened to other people.

This must be included on the series seven Blu-ray/DVD compilation — and wouldn’t it be wonderful if somehow a live-action version of the scene could be shot? It already has Darvill’s voice-over and touching music; all it would need is Mark Williams and an extra to top it off.