ELEMENTARY 1.1: “Pilot”

As a partisan of the BBC series SHERLOCK, I have to confess that CBS’ rip-off totally not a rip-off new series, ELEMENTARY, is not the disaster I was kinda sorta hoping fearing it would be. But neither is it the sophisticated, classy success it should be. In fact, it’s not even “Sherlock Holmes.” Not really.

In an effort to differentiate ELEMENTARY from the popular SHERLOCK, the American series went (far) out of its way to change stuff – the most visible difference being that Holmes’ faithful associate and chronicler, Watson, has been transformed into a woman. But that’s far from the only change: The action has been moved to modern New York City; Holmes is now a recovering addict working to stay sober; Watson has been assigned by Holmes’ father to keep him off drugs; and the mysteries are not adaptations of the classic Sherlock Holmes canon.
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