Hard-drinking Clip for “A Town Called Mercy”

Watch the Doctor belly up to the bar in this brief — yet hilarious — snippet from tonight’s new episode of DOCTOR WHO, “A Town Called Mercy.” I think the whimsical music here is too on-the-nose, but Matt Smith’s physical performance can withstand anything.

“Leave the bag in” sounds like a new Internet meme to me!

How funny is the barmaid’s accent? It starts out quite English, and then she seems to remember she’s supposed to be in the Old West. It reminds me so much of the riot of accents in the First Doctor story “The Gunfighters.”

Speaking of that 1966 classic, how in the world is the pianist in Mercy not playing “The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon”? I thought Steven Moffat was a fan! Perhaps he’s saving it for the end of the episode?

For any poor souls who have not had the…er, pleasure of seeing a lot of William Hartnell stories, here is the song, pieced together from episodes one and two of the four-part serial that saw the Doctor, Steven and Dodo stumbling into the “Gunfight at the OK Corral.”

And some deluded people think the Moffat era is too bonkers!