Neil Gaiman Returns for More DOCTOR WHO

Neil Gaiman, Suranne Jones (Idris) and Matt Smith (the Doctor) from “The Doctor’s Wife”

Neil Gaiman won a Hugo Award over the weekend for his DOCTOR WHO story, “The Doctor’s Wife,” from last season, and the only news that could top that would be word that he’s penning another adventure for our favorite Time Lord. Well, guess what…

In his acceptance speech for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form), Gaiman thanked everyone involved and added:

“Obviously, having written an episode that everybody loved, it would be the act of a fool or a mad man to try and do it again. So I’m on the third draft.”

Afterward, Gaiman told website io9:

Apparently the new episode is slated for the second half of season seven, which means that it could air as soon as spring 2013. But Gaiman pointed out that “The Doctor’s Wife,” his Hugo-winning episode, was originally slated for season five and got bumped to season six for budgetary reasons. The same thing could easily happen to his new episode, he said.

Let’s hope not! Gaiman should make this story for season 7, then Steven Moffat should commission him for a Season 8 tale!

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