The Prequel to “Asylum of the Daleks” You (Probably) Didn’t See

Thanks to Pond Life, we all know how Amy and Rory came to the point where they were SPOILER WARNING kidnapped by the Daleks END SPOILER WARNING, but how did the Doctor find himself on Skaro?

In the opening moments of “Asylum of the Daleks,” the Doctor (Matt Smith) explained that he had been summoned by Darla via a dream message mentioning her daughter and directing him to the ancient home of the Daleks.

Well, here is that dream message — a surreal sequence penned by Steven Moffat himself — in which the Doctor is approached by a (very persistent) hooded man…

How cool was that? It started out light-hearted and grew chilling by the end. It’s quite a contrast to Pond Life. I love how unflappable the Doctor is — but then again, I imagine this sort of thing happens to him fairly regularly. However, when he finally pronounced the name “Skaro”… was that… fear in his eyes?

Take a Quick Peek Inside THE WALKING DEAD’s Prison

And by “quick,” I mean “very brief,” as in just a few seconds. Now that it’s September, AMC wants you to think “October” and its creepfest, THE WALKING DEAD, which premieres Oct. 14. To that end, the basic cable net has released to brief teasers — one of which, surprisingly, featured a clip from… er, last season. Here’s the teaser with new footage:

The clip of new footage delves into West Central Prison, as Rick (Andrew Lincoln) leads his ragtag band of survivors in search of a new haven. However brief, the video does give us a feel for the type of atmosphere the show’s producers are going for: claustrophobic and menacing. I can easily imagine what it’s like to be inside that “abandoned” facility: dark, humid and smelly. It’s probably the worst indoor space Rick and party have been. But if they can clear it of walkers, a secured prison would make a perfect base of operations; built to keep people in, it can easily be converted to keeping new walkers out.
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