Are You There, Ponds? It’s Me, the Doctor…

Here it is, the fifth and final installment of the Pond Life web series and, as I expected, it packs the biggest punch. Don’t wait, watch it now…

So now we’ve seen Rory (Arthur Darvill) walking out on a tearful Amy (Karen Gillan), but we still don’t know exactly what pushed their marriage to the breaking point. I’m sure we’ll get an explanation in the regular series — WHICH BEGINS TOMORROW!!! (Excited much?)

I suspect there will be no one single reason for the Ponds splitting, and I’ll wager that at least part of the marital strife comes from living a quiet, normal life with jobs and an existence in which each successive day follows the previous in a neat row. They have been through too much crazy adventure together to settle down.

Also, Amy proved in “The Girl Who Waited” that she has the capacity for her love to spoil and turn to hate — if left alone in a hostile dimension for 60 years — so maybe she’s not the type of wife to easily forgive a grudge. And could Rory be feeling insecure about money if Amy goes back to modeling and starts earning big bucks? Arguing over money is the top reason for divorces nowadays.

As for the Doctor (Matt Smith), with another painful reminder of the loneliness the Time Lord must endure. Despite the excitement of visiting the Battle of Hastings and old-timey China, the Doctor pines for the Ponds. He wants to see his friends. After all, what good is taking an arrow right in the helmic regulator at Hastings if you can’t share it with somebody?

I’ve always felt more than a little sorry for the Doctor because he inevitably has to leave his companions behind. They just keep growing older, and sooner or later they have to leave. It’s hard to imagine all the regret he must harbor after having to say goodbye so often. To him, even the tenure of Sarah Jane Smith (Lis Sladen) must have seemed like the blink of an eye. They are all gone too soon. And now Amy and Rory are joining that sad parade of departed (and… departed?) companions.

I did, however, love the bit about “accidentally” inventing pasta. And since the First Doctor traveled with Marco Polo, I suppose everyone (especially those of us who are of Italian descent, like myself) really has the Doctor to thank for that culinary advancement!

So now we know the status of Amy and Rory when the Doctor finally runs into them again in the autumn of 2012: separated, and perhaps even divorced!

Show-runner Steven Moffat seems determined to make the departure of the Ponds as big a tear-jerker as possible…

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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