Pond Life Meets ‘Remains of the Day’

In the fourth episode of Pond Life, the threads of the previous installments start to come together: Yesterday’s Ood is back, and we’re getting the impression there’s something wrong with the TARDIS that is contributing to the Doctor not being able to sync his personal timeline properly with the Ponds’ relative “present day.” Or maybe I’m just reaching.

Of course we aren’t told, but judging by the Ood packing a case for Amy (Karen Gillan), she doesn’t appear to be modeling anymore. I mean, isn’t the life a model a little more glamorous than trudging off in the morning alongside your husband? I assume Rory (Arthur Darvill) is back at work at the hospital (love that he takes a lunchbox, by the way…).

After today’s chapter, I am left wondering where the Ponds are living? Surely they are not back in Leadworth, are they? Using what we know about location filming for the regular series, I’m assuming they’re somewhere in London — but the interiors here in Pond Life seem to be very roomy and homey, and the Ood was hanging the wash outside in a yard. When he was cleaning the window we could see trees and bushes in the background. Are there London neighborhoods like that? (I’ve never been, so I’m curious.)

What will tomorrow’s final installment of the web series bring us? Hopefully something with a bit more running time; today’s piece was the longest so far at 1:26!

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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