Pond Life Meets ‘Remains of the Day’

In the fourth episode of Pond Life, the threads of the previous installments start to come together: Yesterday’s Ood is back, and we’re getting the impression there’s something wrong with the TARDIS that is contributing to the Doctor not being able to sync his personal timeline properly with the Ponds’ relative “present day.” Or maybe I’m just reaching.

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The New Carrie Looks So Very…

Looking at these latest behind-the-scenes photos from the forthcoming remake of Carrie, I suddenly realized how attractive the powers-that-be are making Chloë Grace Moretz’s version of the character, in contrast to Brian DePalma’s 1976 film version and especially compared to the fat, acne-ridden character as written in Stephen King’s debut novel.

A few weeks back, we saw Chloë in her character’s wardrobe of an ill-fitting, dull-colored dress and sweater, and also a black one-piece swimsuit. Her hair is also drab, but it’s not a rat’s nest of tangles. Yes, those were not the clothes of a hip young woman, but they don’t make Carrie look like a misfit.
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