The Doctor Keeps Domesticity Fun in ‘Pond Life’

The first two episodes of the DOCTOR WHO online spin-off Pond Life have not been what I was expecting — but they are loopy, fast-moving and quite entertaining, if all-too-brief.

In case you’ve fallen behind because you’re perched in front of your TV screen, waiting breathlessly for the premiere of Series 7 on DW this Saturday evening, Pond Life fills in fans on what it’s like to be the Doctor’s pal. Even if you’re not traveling with him at the moment, he’s still getting into trouble and bringing it to your doorstep, either via phone message or personally appearing in your bedroom at night…

Part 1 (April)

Part 2 (May)

“I’ll be back soon enough, I would have thought.”

I love the way the Doctor thinks, and the way it makes him talk.

My main gripe with Pond Life is that the installments have so far been too short — just about a minute in length. But if brevity is the soul of wit, then perhaps that’s why today’s episode came off as so funny. I don’t mind that the Doctor (Matt Smith) is still the star, since what makes him so interesting is seeing him through the eyes of the Ponds. In Pond Life, we experience the Doctor the way his companions do: He pops up out of nowhere, babbling about something that sounds quite important to him, but we are clueless, and then he’s gone again. I think this is all great fun.

There will be five installments in total, a new one running each day until the debut of “Asylum of the Daleks.” The point of the series is to show viewers what Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) were doing between the end of last season and the beginning of the new one, and update us on the shape of the Pond marriage. (And tease us for the second DW episode, “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.”)

Stay tuned. It won’t be long, now…

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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