Crappy Photoshop Makes Me Worry About The Hobbit

Sylvester McCoy’s head is pasted-on, yeah.

This is supposed to be an image of McCoy in costume as wandering wizard Radagast the Brown from The Hobbit, but it looks more like a hostage note — with images clipped out of magazines instead of letters.

I know this is merchandise not the movie, but the Hobbit 16-month wall calendar (from which this image comes) was authorized by Peter Jackson’s people and produced by Warner Bros (no slouches), so the fact that this amateurish snip-and-paste job was approved makes me worry about the movie.

The slap-dash quality makes me think that at best, somebody in the licensing department was asleep at his or her desk the day this pic came through or, at worst, this is the kind of shoddy special effects we can look forward to in those big movies (however many they decide to make….). I hope this just an aberration, because it is just plain awful.

Overall, the calendar images don’t look bad, just the usual stiffness one expects from Photoshopped images, but somehow I just expect more from Jackson.

Poor McCoy never really got his due as DOCTOR WHO’s seventh incarnation of the Doctor due to budgetary problems — as in, no one wanted to spend more than $10 on his stories — during his tenure. I’m hoping his role as Radagast will open the eyes of some people.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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