DOCTOR WHO Brings out the Gimp

We all (I hope) fondly remember the Russell T Davies era that so successfully relaunched DOCTOR WHO for the 21st century, and now the show is (sort of) doing something for Davies in return…

Bleeding Cool reports that years ago (before he was even involved in DW), Davies privately commissioned a Dalek in all-black livery for his home, and his friends took to calling it the “Gimp Dalek.”

Yesterday’s BFI screening of the Series 7 premiere confirmed that “Asylum of the Daleks” truly features every Dalek ever — including Davies’ Gimp Dalek! Current executive producer Steven Moffat had his predecessor’s specialized Dalek shipped to the studio, where it was included in filming, thus making the Gimp Dalek a canon character in the Whoniverse!

I wonder if the Gimp takes a lot of naps in the basement…

When Will DOCTOR WHO Return to U.S. TV Screens?

The seventh season of DOCTOR WHO since the series regeneration premieres in Great Britain on Sept. 1. In the past, the show has debuted here in the USA on the same day — however, that Saturday falls on the long Labor Day weekend here in the colonies.

Ratings on that date will doubtless be nowhere near what BBC America would be hoping for, so I think there is a distinct possibility that BBCA will hold the series back one week for us Yanks. But that’s just my guess; I have not heard anything official, because the Beeb hasn’t made any announcements.
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