TRUE BLOOD 5.10: “Gone, Gone, Gone”

I knew this was going to be a nutty episode when Mike Spencer (John Billingsley), the coroner, showed up randomly on Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) doorstep having been transformed into a vampire during the week’s span since last episode and tried to eat her, only to be staked by the conveniently handy chopsticks from Sookie’s takeout dinner.

And things went downhill from there, picking up with the seemingly unnecessary execution of Molly (Tina Majorino) by Bill (Stephen Moyer), who seems really into this Sanguinista stuff, even though he’d never heard of them until a few weeks ago. If he’s faking, he owes Molly an apology. Oh, well, at least her true death proved her iStake contraption actually worked — which I suppose would have been ironic if it weren’t so on the nose (or rather, in the heart).
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