BREAKING BAD 5.5: “Dead Freight”

I love a good heist drama, and this week’s BREAKING BAD featured a terrific, nerve-tingling train robbery that had me holding my breath for almost 10minutes. And then the final 10 seconds of the episode left me speechless.

In the cold opening, we see a young boy on a motorcycle collect a tarantula in a mason jar he just happened to be carrying in his jacket. Okay, I think, some drug lord sent little Bobby out to capture tarantulas for some heinous murder/revenge plot. Then the kid hears a train whistle.

After Jesse (Adrian Paul) talked Mike (Jonathan Banks) out of summarily capping Lydia (Laura Fraser) Walt (Bryan Cranston) used his family connection to get into Hank’s (Dean Norris) office and plant bugs, so the guys could determine that Lydia did not, in fact, plant the GPS on the methylamine barrels — it was the FBI. Mike still wanted to kill her, so she came up with the idea of helping the guys rob a train hauling a tanker with 24,000 gallons of precursor.
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