DOCTOR WHO Christmas Companion Spoiler!

The Doctor and… ?

We all know the production team is currently shooting the DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special, which doubles as this season’s Episode 6 and features the introduction of the new assistant played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. Well, a spy with big ears lurking about the set at Cathay’s Cemetery reports overhearing a line couple of lines of dialogue that could be construed to confirm the name of the new companion — and precisely what makes her so unusual.

If you don’t want to know, consider this your SPOILER WARNING, and I’ll wait until after the cut to reveal her name, so don’t click through.

In the meantime, I’ll remind you that the episode, set sometime in the 60+ year Victorian Age, also reunites Matt Smith‘s 11th Doctor with Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and her companion Jenny (Catrin Stewart), as well as Strax the Sontaran (Dan Starkey). I wonder if this will be the gang’s first meeting with the Doctor — at least from the perspective of Vastra, Jenny and Strax? And, finally, Richard E. Grant is said to be portraying the villain of the piece.
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