TRUE BLOOD 5.9: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

Based on the total lameness on display and the alacrity with which the Dragon/Let’s Shoot Shifters plotline was dispatched, and the ifrit story dragging on longer than the occupation of Iraq, it’s clear that exec producer Alan Ball and his scribes are bored with their own show, so why should we watch?

The Dragon in charge of the yokels shootin’ up shifters turned out to not be former sheriff Bud Dearborn (played by the slumming William Sanderson, who deserves better), but… someone else, some tubby crazy lady whose sexual prowess apparently had Bud by the short-and-curlies to such a degree that he was convinced he was saving the world by wearing a rubber mask and shooting at puppies. Nobody in the viewing audience knows who she is or cares, so let’s get rid of her, forthwith. Enter St. Sookie (Anna Paquin) of the Mm-Mm-Good Blood, who was looking for more info on her dead parents, and she accidentally brings down the whole “Obamas” operation — which she knew nothing about.
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