Catching Fire Casting Catching Fire

The new hires are coming fast and furious now, with only weeks to go before The Hunger Games: Catching Fire goes before the cameras. The latest additions include the District 2 victors and District 12’s sadistic new Peacekeeper.

Former CRIMINAL MINDS and LOVING actress Meta Golding has been cast as Enobaria, the District 2 Victor with the vicious choppers, while Bruno Gunn (SONS OF ANARCHY) will play the role of badass District 2 veteran Brutus. Judge Dredd-wannabe Romulus Thread will be played by Patrick St. Esprit (also from SONS OF ANARCHY).

It seems the only sticky wicket remaining is casting Finnick Odair, the charismatic winner from District 4.
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DOCTOR WHO 2012 Christmas Special Takes Shape

Now we know a tiny bit more about this winter’s DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special — and it’s all good stuff! We already knew the episode would introduce the Doctor’s newest assistant (possibly named Clara), but whom will the new combo be pitted against?

The baddie will be played by none other than erstwhile Ninth Doctor himself, Richard E. Grant! Grant, who voiced the ninth incarnation of the Doctor for the BBC-authorized audio adventure Scream of the Shalka during the Wilderness Years, is probably best known for starring in the movie Withnail and I, but he also has another tie to the DW universe. He played the “Quite Handsome Doctor” in Steven Moffat’s first foray into Who, “The Curse of the Fatal Death.”
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