Watch the New (and Improved) Trailer for DOCTOR WHO Series 7

Early this morning the BBC released an all-new trailer for the upcoming season of DOCTOR WHO (the third featuring Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor), and it looks… spectacular! The 90-second snippet is fun and scary and intriguing – just like the series itself. The action keeps your head spinning as the clip hop scotches from episode to episode – but with an emphasis on the exciting season opener, “Asylum of the Daleks,” featuring all the  Daleks.

Isn’t that exciting? No, that’s not the correct word; try jaw-dropping! I don’t know if my favorite part is Doctor’s joyful, childlike  face when he says, “Dinosaurs… on a spaceship!” or his fatalism when he grimly answers Rory’s “Who killed all the Daleks?” question with, “Who do you think…”
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