THE NEWSROOM 1.6: “Bullies”

This week it was finally time to see Olivia Munn’s Sloan Sabbith (Let’s see Sylvester the cat pronounce that name!) in the spotlight. Let’s see THE NEWSROOM try to redeem its reputation for depicting women poorly.

Sloan is an interesting character: She’s the smartest person on the show, but she’s much better with numbers and economic theory than people. If she were a male character, she’d be a nerd or a geek that the other characters make fun of. (Neal almost faces this problem, but the show pulls back from outright ridicule.) Instead, creator Aaron Sorkin prefers to show Sloan repeatedly put into situations in which she is very uncomfortable; and she’s not very adept at wriggling out of them. She didn’t want to be Mackenzie’s galpal, but she couldn’t avoid it.
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