TRUE BLOOD 5.7: “In the Beginning”

I cannot tell you all how happy I am that Denis O’Hare has taken control of TRUE BLOOD in the form of Russell Edgington. I have been suffering through this season, watching multiple storylines drag along like the shuffling undead, the Authority storyline twisting randomly and doubling back on itself just to kill time.

But the time has come! Russell has returned, and he is large and in charge! Long live the king! Long Live Russell Edgington!

While O’Hare revels not only in biting necks but chewing on the scenery, he is also, strangely, a master of subtlety: While Salome was going on and on about Lilith, Russell was listening and making hand gestures… priceless. And then, when Chancellor Dieter (Christopher Heyerdahl) tried to harsh everyone’s buzz, O’Hare casually unbuttoned Russell’s coat before instantly beheading the eldest member of the council, to the horror of everyone else. It’s O’Hare’s small moments that perfectly counterbalance his outsize ones.

(Meanwhile the rest of the episode — all that crap with the ifrite, and Lafayette’s investigation into Jesus’ disembodied head, and Tara hating her mommy — was all typically dull, but held to a minimum. Heck, even Sookie’s screentime was somewhat limited!)

Anyway, it was a brilliant idea to have the council vamps get stoned on Lilith’s blood and dance in the streets of New Orleans, with Russell sporting hipster gear. (Please, please let him have eaten a hipster to get it!) Russell climbing  onstage to sing along with that woman at the wedding reception? “You Light Up My Life,” no less? Hilarious. “You should worry about you,” he warned the singer just before he ate her. More Russell, please!

And that was quite an entrance by Lilith (Jessica Clark). Even for this show. And while the naked lady was flouncing around the room, was Godric’s “force ghost” really necessary?

This was without doubt the very best episode of the season, and for the first time I find myself actually looking forward to next week’s show!

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