2012 Primetime Emmy Nominations

It’s an annual thing: The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences releases its list of prime-time Emmy nominations, and the rest of world clutches its pearls and bemoans the injustice of Undeserving Show X getting a nod over Deserving Show Y. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth, then the trophies are doled out, and we do it all again next year.

Here then, is the 2012 edition of Prime-Time Emmy Nomination Angst.

Once again, I am sorely disappointed in the laziness of the Academy. There are so many repeat nominations that it once again looks like Emmy voters sent in last year’s ballots with a couple of extra names penciled in. The entire cast of MODERN FAMILY again? Seriously? Nothing from The CW again? Seriously? No major nominations for genre shows other than GAME OF THRONES again? Seriously? (See? Mindless repetition is not always fun, is it?)
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