Who (Literally) Goes There?

It would that DOCTOR WHO head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat really does have big plans for the 50th anniversary of the series next year. Specifically, he wants to answer the biggest, longest-running and most important question in the history of the show: Doctor Who?

Just what is the Doctor’s name? We know the title/moniker he regularly goes by (The Doctor); we know several of his aliases (Dr. John Smith, Doktor von Wer, and plenty more); we know his nickname at university (Theta Sigma, or Thete); we know the Second Doctor once signed a note “Doctor W”; we know the 11th Doctor claimed his middle name was “Bad Penny” (in “The God Complex”), but he was almost certainly joking. We’ve even seen his name written down — in his native language. However, we do not know his birth name.
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