There Can Be Only One… er, Ryan Reynolds?

Just chop off my head now…

I somehow managed to miss this information when it was announced, and remained blissfully unaware for almost two weeks, but it has finally ruined my day: Ryan Reynolds will star in the (completely unnecessary) reboot of Highlander. Reynolds will play Connor McLeod, a 16th-century Scotsman who discovers that he one of a dwindling race of immortals fated to fight amongst themselves until only one of their number is left.

The 1986 original film was directed by Russell Mulcahy (who never again did anything worthwhile, in my book) and starred Frenchman Christopher Lambert as the Scottish Connor, and Scotsman Sean Connery as an Egyptian masquerading as a Spaniard, Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez. The Immortals can only be killed by decapitation, and they were compelled to battle each other through history until only one remained. The winner obtained “The Prize” — mortality and the ability to sense the thoughts of everyone in the world.

The film probably equally well-known for the epic Queen songs on the soundtrack, including “Princes of the Universe,” “Hammer to Fall” and “Who Wants to Live Forever.” Will those signature tunes be reused, or will the soundtrack be turned over to Black Eyed Peas?

 A gravel-voiced Clancy Brown portrayed the evil Kurgan, the ruthless Immortal who battled Conner for The Prize, and he was a terrific villain.

But more than the Big Bad role, what are we to make of Reynolds as the hero? His portrayal of Hal Jordan in the that horrid 2011 Green Lantern movie was one of the low points for me — he turned a steely-eyed test pilot into a jokey slacker of a ladies’ man who would never be trusted with hundreds of millions of dollars of military equipment. Oh, don’t get me started…. The remake is supposed to be helmed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later), who still has to work on the script.

This is a case where the producers should have heeded the tagline of the original; to paraphrase, “There should be only one!”

And now, to remind you how awesome the original movie is, here’s Queen’s video for “Princes of the Universe,” featuring clips from the flick. Enjoy!

One thought on “There Can Be Only One… er, Ryan Reynolds?

  1. Except for the first Christopher Lambert film, the other movies were disappointing.

    The TV series, however, with Adrian Paul as Connor’s charming clansmen, Duncan MacLeod
    was excellent !! …… that is until the final season.

    And, alas, the TV movies that followed were even more disappointing, bordering on awful.

    Can this franchise be revived ??

    I doubt that it will ever have the adventure, humor, romance, and fun that we saw on TV.


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