Browncoats Unite!

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2012 has come up with the first bit of good news for Browncoats in as long as I can remember: The creators of the cult series Firefly will gather for a 10-year reunion in San Diego — and the Science Channel will tape it for a one-hour special to air on Nov. 11.

I know what you’re thinking: The Science Channel? Well, they’ve been airing reruns for the last year or so, and piling up gangbuster ratings, so they figured it was worth the investment to dish up a little treat for its loyal Browncoats.

Yes, you’re also thinking it would be better if SC footed the bill for a series relaunch  (me, too) but that’s just not going to happen. In the mean time, we’ll just have to content ourselves with panel footage, individual interviews and a roundtable discussion. The panel is expected to include Joss Whedon (God), Nathan Fillion (Mal), Alan Tudyk (Wash), Summer Glau (River), Adam Baldwin (Jane), Sean Maher (Simon), showrunner Tim Minear and writer Jose Molina. Jewel Staite (Kaylee) is unable to attend because she’s at the London Film and Comic Con, but there is no word on Ron Glass (Book), Gina Torres (Zoe) or the always-working Morena Baccarin (Inara).

I’m especially intrigued to hear from Mr. Minear, who’s one of my favorite show-runners in the biz. Back during my former life as a soap reporter, I interviewed him several times in connection with Angel and the late, lamented Wonderfalls. He’s just as quick-witted in real life as his scripts, and always a great guy to talk to.

Science Channel VP Debbie Myers said:

Firefly is a landmark work of science fiction and a favorite with our viewers. Ever since it premiered on Science, fans have asked us to do something special to mark its 10-year anniversary. With this signature celebration, punctuated by Browncoats Unite, we will connect the minds behind this classic franchise with its legions of passionate fans.”

The documentary Browncoats Unite will air on Sunday, Nov. 11, following a daylong marathon of Firefly.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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