Test Footage From 1979 Alien

This is awesomely creepy beyond the telling of it: Test footage of the Xenomorph from Ridley Scott’s original Alien, circa 1978.

Bolaji Badejo, who played the creature, is seen practicing his movements in a Nostromo corridor while wearing only a prop version of the alien head and some shorts. Sure, the music is unsettling on its own, but seeing the long-limbed Badejo (at 7-foot-2) moving slowly and acting curious as the Xeno hunts the crew is quite creepy.

This is one case where “Man in suit!” is not a perjorative.

Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist Captures Vezina Trophy

Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers was finally awarded the Vezina Trophy as the NHL’s outstanding goalie for the 2011-’12 season. Lundqvist capped his seventh pro season by winning the accolade on his fourth nomination.

It’s hard to express how proud I am of Hank, who was like a brick wall in backstopping the Rangers to their best finish since the 1993-’94 season, when they won it all. In my book, he should have won the Hart Trophy as the league’s MVP, because the Blueshirts would have gone nowhere without the King between the pipes, let posting the best record in the Eastern Conference (and second in the league) and surviving deep into the conference finals.
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Dredd Trailer Lays Down the Law!

Attention, citizens: The first trailer for Dredd, the upcoming live-action adaptation of the legendary British comic strip from 2000 AD magazine, has been released, and it is packed with blazing, rollicking — slow motion!

Yeah, there’s a lot of firepower on display, but what’s likely to catch your attention is how many scenes are shot in glorious slo-mo. That’s probably because the film’s plot sees a new designer drug called “Slo-Mo” taking over the mean streets and mile-high block towers of Mega City One — a future metropolis that stretches from Boston to Washington, D.C. Into that world steps Judge Dredd (Karl Urban), a legal one-man judge, jury and executioner!

Dredd opens Sept. 21.

Lena Headey Plays Another Kind of Game

Here’s a look at GAME OF THRONES’ wicked Queen Cersei herself, Lena Headey, in another evil role: Madeline “Ma-Ma” Madrigal in this September’s Dredd, the new film adaptation of the popular British comic strip Judge Dredd.

Headey helpfully described her character to the L.A. Times:

“She’s a prostitute who kills her pimp and takes over his drug-running business. Ma-Ma is a bit of a man-hater. I think of her like an old great white shark who is just waiting for someone bigger and stronger to show up and kill her. She’s ready for it. In fact, she can’t wait for it to happen. And yet no one can get the job done. She’s an addict, so she’s dead in that way, but that last knock just hasn’t come. This big, fat, scarred shark moving through the sea and everyone flees, and she’s like, ‘Will someone just have the balls to do it? Please?’”

Clearly, this is not a Judge Dredd story movie audiences have seen before. You probably have nightmares about Sylvester Stallone’s 1995 adaptation that tried to twist Judge Dredd into a buddy-cop movie by pairing him with a goofy criminal played by… er, Rob Schneider.

Angelina is… Maleficent!

Behold Angelina Jolie in character as the Big Bad herself, Sleeping Beauty’s evil queen, Maleficent! The new movie Maleficent, which just started shooting and won’t be in theaters until March 2014, promises to retell the Sleeping Beauty tale from the point of view of the “villainess.” The press release promises, “The film reveals the events that hardened her heart and drove her to curse the baby Aurora.”

The movie also stars Elle Fanning as the young Princess Aurora, and India Eisley as the young Maleficent. Also featured: Imelda StauntonMiranda RichardsonSharlto Copley, Sam Riley, Juno Temple and Lesley Manville.

The dark fairy tale is directed by Robert Stromberg, a visual-effects designer making his directorial debut. The project will have tons of SFX, hence the long production time.

Behind the Scenes With Judge Dredd

This is shaping up to be a big week for Dredd, the forthcoming adaptation of legendary British comic strip Judge Dredd, from the long-running weekly anthology 2000 AD. We have new behind-the-scenes photos from the set, and we’ve been told to expect the first trailer Thursday. (It’s likely to be just a teaser, but I’ll take it.)

Today’s offerings show Karl Urban as Judge Dredd and Olivia Thirlby as Judge Anderson shooting a couple of scenes. That could be Deobia Oparei, who plays Judge Alvarez, next to Anderson, but I’m not sure. We can’t really tell what’s going on, but the uniforms look cool.
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Bane is the Bane of New Poster

Here is the latest advance promo poster for The Dark Knight Rises, and… well, it almost worked…

The shame of this is, I could picture this being a really cool poster — if only the ridiculous-looking Bane wasn’t in the center of it. The gray cityscape is grim and gritty, the orange flames stand out and draw the viewer’s eye to the center of the image… where Bane waits.

This poster looks intriguing; the painting is excellent; the scene is dramatic; and then you get to the figure in the middle, with some black… stuff instead of a face. What the—?

I know fan outrage over Bane’s completely muffled and incomprehensible dialogue convinced director Christopher Nolan to change the villain’s voice to something understandable to human beings; is it too late to get Bane’s face mask changed? Or, better yet — is it too late to get a better villain?

A Game You Can’t Refuse: Godfather Monopoly

“The negotiator’s at my house playing pinochle with some of my men, he’s happy. They’re letting him win.”
— Clemenza

Pinochle is so last century. Get your crew to heist obtain a copy of the new Godfather Monopoly game. A big spender like you can afford $39.99.

Hasbro has been licensing themed editions of Monopoly for decades, but every once in a while a special release comes along that seems irresistible. Here’s a version that pays tribute to the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest movies of all time (for my money, the greatest of all time), The Godfather.
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