TRUE BLOOD’s Tru Problem

Please! Oh, please — by the Vampire Bible, let Tara roast herself to (true) death! Please don’t let Pam rescue her at the beginning of next week’s TRUE BLOOD. The town of Bon Temps — and the show — would be so much better without Tara stomping through scenes, trying to suck up all the attention like an obstreperous child.

I absolutely despise the way the show has been emphasizing the most venomous, hate-spewing, unlikeable, nasty, contentious, repulsive and just plain mean character on TV. From the moment she appeared back in the first season, Tara has been begging to be staked — even if she only became a vamp this season. She may be a true bloodsucker now, but she’s always been a psychic and emotional vampire, draining her friends and family (and, I suspect, people she passes in the street), no matter how much they try to help her. Why is Sookie still friends with this walking train-wreck? (Even her name — Thornton, implies what a pain she is!)

It has felt like the show’s producers have been flailing around, trying to find something for the character to do — remember her stint as a mixed martial artist? — and now they have hit upon a way to keep her front-and-center in a way that at least feels more organic: giving her fangs. This externalizes the wild, selfish, destructive nature that was barely restrained inside her. She’s now as ugly on the outside as she always was inside.

Alas, I have little faith that the-powers-that-be will give us extra-crispy Tara, because they clearly love Rutina Wesley and will do anything to keep her around (well, anything short of writing her a tolerable character). I should take this moment to emphasize the I have nothing at all against Wesley; in fact, I tip my cap to her for bringing Tara to life in such a vivid way that I am compelled to utterly loathe the character. Wesley takes the garbage the writers script and animates it. It’s hard to imagine another actress doing such a superb job of portraying the unbridled, unapologetic bitch that is Tara.

The ludicrous “Trials of Tara” have been taking away from what is actually good about this fifth season, namely the Authority plotline. Well, it’s good if you discount the fact that it is moving at a glacial pace; it’s a good idea, anyway. Christopher Meloni (Roman) makes for an intriguing villain — or is he? — and it’s nice to finally see the Authority after having heard years of references to them. Kudos also to Carolyn Hennesy (GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Diane) for being so sadistic as Chancellor Rosalyn Harris. Her torture of Nora (Lucy Griffiths) actually elicited a (presumably false and self-sacrificing) confession.  And the hulking presence of Christopher Heyerdahl (a refugee from the various incarnations of STARGATE) is always welcome. Here he plays Dieter, the Council’s muscle.

I look forward to a season-long arc involving the Authority. Presuming I don’t abandon the show next week, if Tara is saved. Hmmm, perhaps TPTB will make Tara completely evil and team her up with Russell Edgington. That could work…

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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