TRUE BLOOD’s Tru Problem

Please! Oh, please — by the Vampire Bible, let Tara roast herself to (true) death! Please don’t let Pam rescue her at the beginning of next week’s TRUE BLOOD. The town of Bon Temps — and the show — would be so much better without Tara stomping through scenes, trying to suck up all the attention like an obstreperous child.

I absolutely despise the way the show has been emphasizing the most venomous, hate-spewing, unlikeable, nasty, contentious, repulsive and just plain mean character on TV. From the moment she appeared back in the first season, Tara has been begging to be staked — even if she only became a vamp this season. She may be a true bloodsucker now, but she’s always been a psychic and emotional vampire, draining her friends and family (and, I suspect, people she passes in the street), no matter how much they try to help her. Why is Sookie still friends with this walking train-wreck? (Even her name — Thornton, implies what a pain she is!)
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