Old Is New Again — For The Iron Giant

One of the great things about combining the Internet with thriving fan communities is that beloved projects can be kept alive and even revitalized by devotees sharing their creative energy. It not unusual to see artists creating new (and, in many cases, better) posters for movies they love.

One of the more popular movies for attracting new posters is The Iron Giant, director Brad Bird‘s 1999 animated movie about a lonely boy who meets a lonely robot. Here is a sampling of some really fantastic fan art created in tribute to that masterpiece of a movie.

The first poster was created by Laurent Durieux, the second is from Hopko Designs, and the last is by Kevin Tong.

The Iron Giant really deserves all the love and effort fans are devoting, because it’s a wonderful, nearly flawless film. If you haven’t seen it, add it to your Netflix queue or buy it. You won’t be sorry. And there are many other great images out there — for TIG and other films — so go online and look around!