Can The CW’s Arrow Hit the Bull’s-eye?

When The CW announced it was going with a new comic-based series called ARROW this fall, I was not impressed. It seemed like a desperation move to replace SMALLVILLE, which had served the network well for 10 seasons. And the fact that Justin Hartley, who played the Green Arrow on SMALLVILLE, was not going to star in the new version was even worse news to me. Then came hints that the production was trying to go with a younger, edgier characterization, and I had visions of hipster-wannabe hero, firing off arrows in a cheesy fedora.

But this extended preview clip — the one shown to advertisers at this spring’s Upfront presentations (when the majority of commercials for an entire season are sold) — has started to change my mind. It looks like it’s trying to go with a very realistic take on the character (mentioning broken bones that weren’t set properly while he was on the island alone). I still think it’s being a little haughty by dropping the “green” from Arrow’s name, and lead actor Stephen Amell makes Oliver Queen seem quite cold and standoffish, but the action sequences look exciting, and a show can hardly go wrong by casting Katie Cassidy as love interest Dinah Lance.

ARROW will air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.