Test Footage From 1979 Alien

This is awesomely creepy beyond the telling of it: Test footage of the Xenomorph from Ridley Scott’s original Alien, circa 1978.

Bolaji Badejo, who played the creature, is seen practicing his movements in a Nostromo corridor while wearing only a prop version of the alien head and some shorts. Sure, the music is unsettling on its own, but seeing the long-limbed Badejo (at 7-foot-2) moving slowly and acting curious as the Xeno hunts the crew is quite creepy.

This is one case where “Man in suit!” is not a perjorative.


2 thoughts on “Test Footage From 1979 Alien

    • I think the subtlety of it is what makes it so creepy. Also, it’s like the confused monster is learning about his surroundings, which almost (almost) makes him slightly sympathetic. But mostly creepy! Hope you enjoyed your nightmares!


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