Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott Is Back

You’ve probably noticed that “Green Lantern Gay” has been one of the top Trending Topics on Yahoo and a lot of other web pages over the last few days, either for good or bad reasons, depending on your point of view. I think it’s for the better.

As part of the “New 52” initiative begun almost exactly a year ago, dedicated to relaunching all of DC Comics’ superhero titles with new No. 1 issues and rebooting or “refreshing” the characters, the decision was made to recreate Alan Scott, the legendary first Green Lantern who debuted way back in 1940, as gay. Previously, Scott was happily married and had two children: a daughter and a son who happened to be gay. When Alan was reimagined to be much younger, the gay son, a superhero in his own right, known as Obsidian (His daughter was also a heroine, known as Jade.) was rendered moot, so writer James Robinson decided to make Alan himself gay in the new comic book series Earth 2.
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