Moffat Wary of Elementary


DOCTOR WHO show-runner Steven Moffat also co-created the very popular BBC series SHERLOCK, which updates Arthur Conan Doyle‘s famous detective by reimagining classic stories in modern London. This fall in the USA, CBS will debut ELEMENTARY, a series that transplants Sherlock Holmes to modern New York City.

The Grand Moff is a bit… nonplussed, seeing as CBS had asked him to create and American version of SHERLOCK, and when he declined the Eye network had Ringer‘s Robert Doherty put together ELEMENTARY. Now, Moffat isn’t concerned about money — he’s worried that if ELEMENTARY sucks, the stink will be transferred to SHERLOCK. He told

“It’s tough. If it’s bad, it effects, it debases the coinage of our show. If it’s too like our show? We’ll have to take action. Already, [producer] Sue [Vertue] had to correct somebody in print saying she was off to produce the American version of Sherlock, and that’s not ours. If their show isn’t good, it damages us. I don’t know, what do you imagine I think about it? It’s pretty remarkable, really, I’d say.”

What bothers me is, while SHERLOCK currently airs on PBS, if the next season is more widely distributed here, folks will bash SHERLOCK as a “ripoff” of ELEMENTARY. And if ELEMENTARY tanks, that will preclude SHERLOCK from selling to a major outlet here in the States.
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The Doctor with His New Companion

Spy photos from the sets of various episodes of DOCTOR WHO in production are nothing new – but this photo is the first one to show the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) with his new companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.

As a bonus, a loyal fan lurking about the set reports that the new character’s name is… is… [SPOILER WARNING!!]… “Clara.” [END SPOILER WARNING!!] Well, that’s… a bit underwhelming, isn’t it? I’m not real impressed by that name, but it may not be the character’s real name.

[ADDITIONAL SPOILER WARNING!!] Word is, the new companion is suffering from amnesia when the Doctor encounters her, and he takes her on few trips in the TARDIS to try to jog her memory. I can totally picture the Doctor dubbing someone Clara as a temporary measure. If she does remember who she is, perhaps she will recall her “real” name. [END ADDITIONAL SPOILER WARNING!!] This photo depicts production of episode 11, which appears to be a historical set in Victorian times.

You will no doubt notice that the Doctor is wearing a waistcoat. The second photo shows that he also has a new long brown coat. While this does look impressive, I hope the wardrobe change is just temporary and story-dictated, as I love Matt’s tweedy professor look.