Memorial Day 2012

It’s Memorial Day, one of the most significant holidays in the USA – and that’s not just because it marks the unofficial start of summer. It’s a chance to pause and think about others, specifically, the members of all branches of the U.S. military, past and present, active and reserve.

Let’s all take a moment to remember that today is not just a day off from work or a reason to fire up the gas grill or an excuse to go shopping. Today is a chance — and an obligation — to remember those who serve our country and make sure that there are shopping malls and offices to go to tomorrow for the rest of us. There are men and women patrolling the most dangerous ground in the world right now, all to keep us safe.

We’ve had a volunteer military for decades now, so that means the people in uniform all over the world have chosen their dangerous and underappreciated roles, and in my book, that makes them just a little bit more special.

So let’s stop to think and thank a service member, or recall someone who has fallen in service to our country. Without them, the United States of America would not be the place that it is now – in fact, our country would not even exist. Some gave all, but all gave some.