SkyFall Teaser

The November release of Daniel Craig’s third outing as James Bond has been quietly creeping closer, and today the first teaser clip for SkyFall was released.

It’s difficult to determine anything about the film from this teaser, because it’s exactly that — a teaser — but I have to confess it left me with a slightly “meh” feeling. Perhaps it’s all the shadowy figures, or Craig’s cold-as-ice demeanor. The martial drumming of the score worked well, and some of the images were intriguing, but it’s way too soon to pass judgment.

We know the plot concerns some kind of menace from M’s (Dame Judy Dench) past, and it tests Bond’s loyalty to her. The Official James Bond 007 website (featuring a smooth black-and grey design) has some production details and running countdown to the premiere of the 23rd film in the 50-year-old franchise. I always enjoy a good Bond film, and Craig hasn’t let me down yet.