Prometheus Has Landed (with another clip)

OK, I’m practically drooling in anticipation of of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, but even I’m starting to think that 20th Century Fox is releasing too much teaser material. All the available trailers and viral-marketing clips and more trailers are combining to paint a pretty clear picture of what the movie is about, potentially spoiling everything.

And now comes another new international poster (yawn), which was really unnecessary, and a video clip showing the Prometheus spacecraft landing. It’s clear that the sequence is pretty heavily edited, but it’s still interesting in the sense that it depicts the crew of the spaceship as a well-oiled machine.

The June 8 release date is rapidly approaching, so I think Fox should dial back on the spoilers and ratchet up the tease factor; that’s the best strategy for getting people interested in an Alien-related movie.