Yoga: the Nina Dobrev Way

Nina Dobrev was working the talk-show circuit to flog the season finale of The Vampire Diaries this week, and paid a visit to Conan, where host Conan O’Brien was very interested in her dual role as Elena/Katherine. He even cajoled her into inserting her Katherine vampire fangs and glaring at the camera in that special sinister/sexy way she does.

Then he asked her about her yoga routine, and Nina was more than happy to slip off her shoes and give him a… er, well, not-quite hands-on demonstration.

One thing is certain: I need to watch Vampire Diaries more often!

MechaWhales Will Melt Your Brain

If you’re like me, you’ve often looked at giant sperm whales and thought, “You know what would make those cetaceans cooler? Mecha armor.” Well, lucky for us, our dreams have been answered — and the results are even better than we could have hoped. Especially when presented in an animation style that looks like it fell out of a time capsule from 1988.

Have a look at the first adventure of Hauke Scheer‘s MechaWhales!