Newest Prometheus Trailer Launched!

Can a trailer be too good? We know all too well that trailers can be very, very bad (I’m looking at you, John Carter), but can they be great without spoiling everything? I think they can be, and as proof, I submit this international trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

We’ve seen quite a number of teaser clips, viral videos and trailers for this movie — and, for my money, each one has gotten better — and this latest continues the trend. We get to see a lot more of what’s happening, but nothing is really spoiled for us. There’s screaming, gore, mystery and shadows galore, but it’s not like the clip gives everything. Or even much, in the final analysis. But one thing is for sure. The visual style confirms that we are definitely in the Alien universe.

I think everything looks great, from the design of Prometheus herself to the spacesuits to the weird little… creatures, to the performances of the actors. (I love Noomi Rapace sobbing, “We were so wrong!”)