Chris Evans Disses Captain America

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was in Chris Evans’ appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon May 1. Chris was there to promote The Avengers, but instead he revealed that he does not understand his own character, Captain America at all. As fantastic as Chris was in Captain America: The First Avenger, it appears that he did it without grasping the magnitude of his character, and instead thinks of him as a punch line.

Granted, Chris was goofing with Jimmy, but in the course of their bantering about the superteam starring in this Friday’s guaranteed blockbuster, Chris questioned why Cap belongs on the same team as Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Black Widow.

“This guy has no business in this crew,” Chris opined. “You have the Hulk ripping jets in half, and Thor is calling down thunder, and Iron Man is shooting missiles. And I’m, like, ‘I’ll [Cap] take the stairs!’ ”
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