Carrie Remake Just Became an Even Worse Idea

Word has leaked that the studio and producers of the remake of Carrie want to use the “found footage” trope employed in far too many movies already.

This is the worst idea I’ve heard since… well, since the idea of remaking Carrie.

Apparently, at least some of the movie will use the unimaginative technique, but the whole film will not necessarily be shot that way. The details are hazy, because the information is trickling out after the CEO of MGM, Roger Birnbaum, gave a speech at the University of Denver, his alma mater.

The reason I am so disappointed in this news is that – setting aside the boring idea of an unnecessary remake of a fine, iconic movie – the talent associated with project is very promising. It will be directed by Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry) and feature Chloe Grace Moretz (Let Me In, the remake of Let the Right One In) in the title role. And Julianne Moore has been offered the role of Carrie’s whacko mother. Also, the screenplay, adapted by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, is supposed to stick closer to Stephen King’s novel.

The idea of using “found footage” makes me feel like this is just a complete money-grab by MGM, but won’t even be interested in letting the new production put interesting spin on the project.