SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD 24.9: “Go Out With a Bang”

SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD must be the car-accident season, because I found myself wandering back to my local CBS affiliate to see what the wacky gang is up to this week…

Kim was trying to consolidate her grip on the game by marshaling the women to vote out either Troyzan or Jay — whichever one doesn’t win immunity. She and the rest of the distaff squad are apparently conceding the individual immunity necklaces to the more athletic boys, which is a little strange.

This week’s reward challenge was a do-it-yourself affair, with no Jeff Probst. (What, did he lose interest in this season as well?) The players divided themselves into two teams and took turns tossing bolos at a target for points. Tarzan (of all people) led teammates Troyzan, Jay, Kat and Alicia to victory of native barbecue and beer — but unlike last week’s 7up product-placement reward, no one ponied up for the beer sponsorship.
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