Survivor: One World 24.8: “Just Annihilate Them”

After being drowned in a tide of 7up product placements on SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD last night — from bottles of the soda to the 7up-themed reward challenge, a visit to the “7up Oasis,” where the winners got food and “all the crisp, clean, refreshing 7up” they could drink, I cannot wait to see who the corporate sponsor will be next week!

The only thing worth watching this week was the emergence of Kim as the new sheriff in town. She swooped into the power vacuum left by the evacuated Colton and had no trouble manipulating her tribe into doing her bidding.

Faced with choosing the alliance she has with all the other women or the alliance she formed with Salani 2.0, Kim decided to stick with grrl power, because they already had a 6-5 advantage. If she could get one more guy booted, the women would have a virtually insurmountable advantage.

Kim set her sights on Mike, who is not only a strong individual immunity threat but also a Salani alliance member. She makes the logical case to the girls that there’s strength in numbers, and then cleverly convinces Troyzan that Mike has been targeting him. Troyzan immediately throws in with Kim. When Jay gets wind of the plan he begins to question the numbers game, but Kim skillfully defuses the situation by pretending to target Christina in a fair-minded bid to balance out the genders. Of course the guys buy it without ever comparing notes.

At tribal council, host Jeff Probst asks who is worried about going home — and no one admits to fearing their fate. Everyone insists they believe they are safely in firm alliance and “someone else” is going home. Of course, somebody is wrong, and that somebody is Mike. It was worth slogging through the rest of the virtually lifeless episode to see the bewildered look on his face as Jeff read the votes.

So now Kim is the queenpin, sitting pretty with a two-vote majority to enforce whatever plan she hatches. But it’s only two votes if perpetual target Christina and loudmouth Alicia stay aligned with the girls.

Honestly, the guys deserve to be eliminated, because they have played this game like idiots, letting petty rivalries and fear of Colton dictate who gets the boot instead of solid gameplay. Last week’s decision to cut Jonas was the nadir for the guys, who willingly conceded the numbers game for no reason, and thus gave away the $1 million.

This week simply made it clear that there’s a new power player in the game, and it is not one of the boys.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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