SURVIVIOR: ONE WORLD 24.7: “The Beauty in a Merge”

I’ll tell you what the beauty in a merge is not. It’s not the hive mind that results. The members of Salani and Monono may have merged into Tikianno, but they certainly did not pool their brain power.

After this week, I am seriously questioning my commitment to watching SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD, because it’s becoming more and more dull as the players prove to be more and more… perplexing? Stupid? I cannot figure out what’s happening, and that makes this show a frustrating viewing experience. How can the players be making the decisions they are making?

Blindsiding fellow players is one thing, but the merged tribe is continuing this season’s tradition of voting off players seemingly at random. Seriously, what was the thinking behind voting off Jonas this week? He was branded a threat by Chelsea, and labeled the most intelligent of the men.

Based on… what?

We viewers at home have seen precious little of Jonas doing anything, let alone demonstrating his intelligence and strategic genius. Don’t get me wrong, the gentleman could have a 200 IQ, but viewers at home haven’t seen any of that. This could be a problem with the show’s editing. The players cannot control how the show’s powers-that-be decide to portray him. This season, Jonas has been presented as pretty much clueless. My impression of Jonas is that he always had a confused look on his face and kept wondering why he was left out of the loop. Apparently, he was out of the loop on being a supergenius as well.

Viewers knew Jonas was a sushi chef, so he handled the seafood pretty well. Everyone in the camp agreed that he was a good provider who worked hard to contribute to camp life. And he was pretty much a bust at challenges, never coming close to winning one. In fact, it could be argued that he lost this week’s immunity challenge when he fumbled assembling the puzzle – with Tarzan’s “help.” So, he was good with the food and water, and not a favorite to win any individual immunity. Tell me again why he was such a threat that he had to go?

So far this season, players have been voted out based on either Colton’s hatred or… what? Is a name picked out of a hat? When the tribes merge, the emphasis should be on weeding out the threats to win individual immunity, not the dead wood or the social outcasts; those players are easy pickings. But how do you push out the power players? I have a feeling Tikianno is about to find out.

I’m just not sure I’m going to be hanging around to find out. Watching is proving to be too frustrating.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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