Book Review: Catching Fire

Although this review will not spoil Catching Fire, you should read The Hunger Games before checking out this review…

The sequel to The Hunger Games faced a big problem: Readers have already experienced the thrill (and repulsion) of entering the arena for the 74th Hunger Games, so what could author Suzanne Collins do to follow up that masterpiece? The answer she came up with for Catching fire was to pick up the story shortly after it ended in the first book.

Katniss and Peeta are about to embark upon their Victory Tour as unprecedented co-winners of the Hunger Games when Panem President Snow suddenly appears in Katniss’ home and expresses his doubt that Katniss really loves Peeta. He recognizes that the gambit with the berries signaled defiance against the Capitol, and that small act could blossom into widespread revolution, unless Katniss and Peeta can sell their love story on the Victory Tour.
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