ALCATRAZ 1.9 and 1.10: “The Ames Brothers” and “Sonny Burnett”

ALCATRAZ featured back-to-back episodes, making a two-hour block this week, just like the pilot and first episode.

In the opening hour, the titular Ames brothers are Herman (Travis Aaron Wade) and Pinky (Graham Shiels, ex-Cody, GENERAL HOSPITAL), who used to stage flashy thrill heists back in the 1950s. On The Rock in 1960, they wanted to track down Civil War gold rumored to be stored on Alcatraz. They hatched a complicated plan to copy the warden’s special large keys with the help of a guard named Donovan (Frank Whaley) — but the keys didn’t fit the underground vault they assumed held the gold, and the boys were caught. Transported to 2012, the brothers resumed their quest, again with the help of Donovan, who posed as a park ranger. They wanted to blast their way through that door, but when Doc Soto (Jorge Garcia) stumbles upon Pinky, he gets taken hostage because the brothers see the value in having an Alcatraz expert update their 50-year-old treasure map.
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