Want to See 10 minutes of ‘John Carter’? Of Course You Do!

Somebody over at Disney has suddenly realized how horribly the marketing department has screwed up promoting John Carter, the big-budget, epic film based on the first installment of Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ seminal book series about an ex- Civil War soldier’s adventures on Mars (Barsoom).

Hoping that it’s not too late, Disney is stepping up a modified campaign, emphasizing that John Carter’s tales came first, and that Star Wars, Avatar and countless others have been ripping off ERB, not the other way around. The crown jewel of this promotional push (so far) is the release of 10 minutes from near the beginning of the actual movie itself! Enjoy…

Keep in mind that John Carter is not a Western — at least, not in the conventional sense. I am impressed by the sly way the filmmakers adapted the early Western sequences to bring the book to life. (Bryan Cranston‘s Colonel Powell was invented for the film.) This isn’t exactly how it plays out in the book, but it is true to the spirit of the novel.

John Carter stars Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) and opens March 9.

Rush Rushes In, Where Sanity Fears to Tread

If it weren’t so pathetic it would be comical, the way Rush Limbaugh has been contorting himself to appear as if he were apologizing to a private citizen for calling her a “slut” while subtly reinforcing his point and piling on more cheap shots. But what else would anyone expect, since apologies are anathema to conservatives, because they carry with them a change of stance, and everybody knows that would make him a “flip-flopper,” which, to Republicans, is even more vile than being an atheist.
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