SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD 24.3: “One World Is Out the Window”

The women of Salani finally won the reward and immunity challenges, giving them fire and a new lease on life, while the men’s Manono tribe went from kings of the hill to rival princedoms. The gloves came off this week, and I was totally shocked when Colton unmasked himself as a total hater!

Despite winning the means to start a fire, the women discovered that all their kindling was wet, so Kat and Alicia went to the men to beg and flirt for an ember, which the guys promptly handed over. Then, later, when the guys suggested that they be allowed to borrow the boat the ladies had won, the women were aghast and snarked about the men being unreasonable. Huh?  Tarzan was right when he pointed out that men and women think differently.


But the most shocking thought process came from Colton. After the men lost the immunity challenge largely because Bill was unable to assemble a puzzle, they guys returned to camp and Colton started mouthing off about how much he dislikes Bill, ultimately calling him “ghetto trash,” and admitting that he hates the man. I was stunned to hear Colton express racism in such hateful terms.

Later, during tribal council, Colton stereotyped host Jeff Probst, assuming that Jeff would expect a gay man to hang out with the women’s tribe. But Jeff didn’t expect that, and turned Colton’s venomous “Duh!” right back at him. Bill also pointed out that Colton assumed the rest of the men would ostracize him, but they didn’t; Colton exiled himself from Day 1 when he immediately decided that he couldn’t possibly have anything in common with the rest of Manono. None of the other guys used derogatory language in reference to Colton; he was the only one to take the low road.


Come to think of it, Colton also decided that the women would automatically welcome him with open arms, but of course they were suspicious that he was spying on them. Well, Sabrina did bond with him quickly enough to impulsively give him the immunity idol.

Not that Manono has their stuff together, anyway. Tribal council revealed that the tribe was pretty much solidly split into an alliance of five vs. a group of four. And Colton is right now firmly in charge of the gang of five, effectively calling the shots in this game.

So, despite his attitude problems, Colton appears to be sitting in the proverbial catbird seat, with the little immunity idol in his back pocket, basking in the perception that he is untouchable and in charge. Which he is – but if SURVIVOR has taught us anything, it’s how quickly the worm can turn.

Just ask the women of Salani.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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