The Avengers Will Assemble in Britain — and Soon!

The U.K. poster

The AvengersJoss Whedon’s big-budget adaption of the comic book and featuring Marvel’s mightiest movie heroes teaming up — will sport a slightly different name when it is released in the U.K.  — and British fans will get to see it a full week earlier than we Yanks.

Marvel Avengers Assemble will be released on April 26, sporting the new title in an effort to avoid any nasty legal entaglements with the owners of the copyright to the ever-popular 1960s caper series, THE AVENGERS (of Steed and Mrs. Peel fame), which is a cultural touchstone in the United Kingdom. (The TV series was made into a wretched feature in 1998, starring Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes.)

Still, one would think there’s not much chance of mistaking the Hulk for the sophisticated John Steed…

Avengers U.S.A.

As proof that this is really happening, no matter what, we get the above poster sporting the new name and release date — not to mention some truly awful Photoshop.

Seriously….look how tall Captain America is. I mean, he is a supersoldier, but did he ingest Hank Pym’s Goliath formula? And now the Hulk is apparently big enough to challenge Godzilla (or at least King Kong) to a fistfight. And is that redhead the Black Widow or the Wasp?

You might assume this had to have been slapped together in a rush to meet some legal deadline or something, but no. Disney has also issued an American version featuring the same bad art, but the original title and release date. So it’s official.

I cannot believe Joss approved this garbage image, so I’m going to assume he did not, but the studio is maintaining control over the marketing. (Something Disney has been bumbling badly lately.)

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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