Don’t Dread the Coming of Judge Dredd

Anderson and Dredd

We’re starting to get glimpses of the new film adaptation of the legendary British comic series Judge Dredd, called simply Dredd, and while I am… er, still waiting to be impressed, I am buoyed by the newest images. This latest, depicting Judges Anderson and Dredd, is excellent. I know it’s early, but Dredd‘s September release date will be here quickly, and the intervening summer will boast the big-budget, big-name The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, so this rather obscure in the USA (but wildly popular in Great Britain) property needs to build some name recognition quickly.

The movie stars Karl Urban – who turned heads as Dr. McCoy in 2009’s rebooted Star Trek, but he established his action cred as Vaako in The Chronicles of Riddick – playing Joe Dredd, a legendary judge in futuristic Mega-City One.
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