ALCATRAZ 1.5: “Guy Hastings”

At last ALCATRAZ gave us a little more information about Rebecca’s odd background, including her criminal grandfather and the real deal behind “Uncle” Ray Archer. And we got to learn a bit about what happened to the guards when the 63 got disappeared.

Guy Hastings (Jim Parrack) was the head of guard training on The Rock, and one of the men he taught the craft was a young Ray Archer (Robbie Amell). On his first day at Alcatraz, Ray was attacked and beaten senseless by inmate Tommy Madsen (David Hoflin). Guy appears in the present and goes gunning for the aged Ray (Robert Forster), not to kill him, but to force him to lead the way to Tommy. Guy claims that “They” told him hunt down Tommy — but shares nothing else about his mission.
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