It’s Super Bowl Sunday for the New York Giants (again)!!

Today, my beloved New York Football Giants take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, a rematch of Super Bowl XVII, in which the Giants destroyed the Pats’ dreams of an undefeated season with a stunning 17-14 victory in what many NFL fans – including myself – deem to be the best Super Bowl ever.

The Giants are underdogs once again, but this time the spread is much tighter, and a lot of the so-called experts and pundits are actually picking the Jints to triumph. I believe Big Blue will stampede to a convincing victory, cementing Eli Manning as the elite quarterback in the NFL – statistics be damned. (Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees piled up a bunch of ultimately meaningless personal numbers this season, and will be taking a break from playing golf to watch the Super Bowl from the stands with all the other losers also-rans, before crying themselves to sleep, wrapped in their record books.) All Eli does is win.

Unlike the last Super Bowl, I think this one will be a comfortable win for the Giants, proving that the win four years ago was no fluke. The Jints match up with the Pats well at every position – including quarterback. The overrated Tom Brady has only beaten Eli once – during a regular season game back in 2007, while Eli has won the past three, including the Super Bowl. Eli has no reason to fear Mr. Gisele Bundchen, while the slumping Patsies QB doubtless sees Eli in sleep. And who will cover Victor Cruz?

I could go on, but trash-talking is pointless, so I’ll leave it at that. I will spend today preparing for the big game, and then sit down with my family to watch the New York Football Giants win their fourth Super Bowl title!

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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